Velsäo, IND

Velsäo, IND

Saturday, 28. December 2013

Oh du fröhliche, oh du Selige (German Christmas carol)... we had this playing in the background as we boarded the plane, which completely delighted Franca and with our phenomenal Christmas decoration, everything was perfect. In addition, on our second leg of the journey from Singapore to Mumbai we took off into a gloriously colourful sunset while we opened our presents.

On arrival in Mumbai, quite tired, we experienced a bit of a culture shock. Therefore we were glad to reach Goa the next day and our accommodation in the little village of Velsäo. We are staying with a very nice family who own a big house in which they rent out three rooms on the upper floor. They are providing us with good advice about India as well as great local Christmas treats. We are a bit sad that we have to move on tomorrow. The village is right on the coast and the houses are dotted around a forest of palm trees, in which a variety of wild animals can be found, from dogs to pigs to chickens. Each house is painted in a different colour, all shades from purple and pink, to green. They are decorated with garlands of lights at night, and over the Christmas days there was a lot of lively dancing to pop and Indian music in the courtyard. Next to each house and on a lot of street corners, they set up nativity scenes which vary in size from 2m₂ to ones with life size figures. Our host told us there is even a contest as to who has the nicest nativity in the village.

Yesterday we met with Nandini Datta who knows all of the few glass workshops in India and has organised a lot for us. Nandini runs a medium sized ceramics and fused glass studio. In her calm and friendly way she gave us a tour of the area.  After the colourful sunset yesterday evening, she gave us a lift back home.

We’ve recovered from the initial culture shock, are rested and ready to throw ourselves into the hubbub of Mumbai tomorrow.