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21 countries in 24 months: From Denmark to the USA and all the way to China? A journey around the entire globe. In August 2012 we, two newly trained glass makers, will set off on a two year long adventure to the large glass factories and small studios around the world. We will travel through 21 countries, from Denmark to the USA and all the way to China, to gain insight and learn specialized techniques from local glass makers.

Our idea was to replicate the “Walz“, only on a global scale. Our Name “Weiberwalz” is derived from two German words “Weiber” and “Walz”. The former is a bavarian slang for women and the later a term used to describe the journey artisans go on after they have completed their training. This is not customary in glass making and especially not for women. Especially in the age old trade of glass making production secrets are guarded very safely and woman were not allowed anywhere near a glass furnace. It is our goal to change this!

Many well-known Glass making maestros have already given us the thumbs up and are anxiously awaiting our arrival and the weeks we will work together. Subsequently we will exhibit all the art work created during the “Walz” across Germany. We will also document our travels in a catalogue and keep blogging about our current experiences.

You can follow our route by all the links below.


Link order: continent

                  country: museum


                              studios (rentalstudios are marked #)

                              person without a studio (marked *)

                              designers/cutters & more (marked +)

                              magazines/networks/festivals (marked ^)

                              furnace/equiment/glass (marked °)


Vitra ^

Denmark: Glasmuseum Ebeltoft

               Glass - The Danish Design School Bornholm

               Peter Kuchinke Mygdal 

               Jonas Brus Steahr Skagen 

               Rikke Precht Lonstrup 

               Vangeglas Lonstrup 

               Mohl & Drivsholm Glas Ebeltoft

               Anne Flohr Lillevorde

               Pernille Bastrup Bornholm           

               Maria Bang Espersen * Vinderup

               Sia Mai + Kopenhagen

               Luftkraft + Kopenhagen

               Glasnettet ^

               European Glass Context ^

Sweden: The Glass Factory Boda 

             Riksglasskolan Orrefors  

             Linnéuniversitetet Nybro 

             Transjöhytta Transjö  

             Anders Wingård Baskemölla 

             Incendi Glasblaseri Höör 

             Kosta Boda Kosta

             Orrefors Orrefors

             Holmegaard Holmegaard

             Magma Art Glass * Transjö

             Ann Wolff + Gotland/Berlin

             Glasakademin ^

             Glasma ° Emmaboda 

             Essemce ° Emmaboda

Finland: Finnish Glass Museum * Riihimäki

            Nuutajärven Glassvilliage # Nuutajärven  

            Tero Silver * Nuutajärven

Germany: Museumsdorf Glashütte # Baruth  

               LWL-Industrymuseum Gernheim 

               Glassmuseum * Frauenau

               European Museum of Contemporary Glas * Coburg 

               Glassmuseum Hentrich * Düsseldorf

               Glassmuseum * Immenhausen

               Glassmuseum Ernsting * Coesfeld

               Glassmuseum * Passau

               Glassmuseum * Wertheim

               Glassmuseum * Rheinbach

               Museum for Glassart * Lauscha

               German Glasspaintingmuseum * Linnich

               Alexander Tutsek foundation * München

               CCAA Glasgalerie * Köln

               Glass Gallery Herrmann * Drachselried

               Gallery Ritterswürden * Zwiesel

               Glassschool Zwiesel

               Glassschool * Hadamar 

               Glassschool * Rheinbach  

               Glassschool * Lauscha

               Hochschule Koblenz Koblenz

               Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule * Halle

               Bildwerk Frauenau

               Ingrid Donhauser Eckersberg 

               Glas Hagen Hütte Glashagen 

               Cornelius Reer Nürnberg 

               Frank Meurer Lenzen  

               Glashütte Lamberts Waldsassen 

               Evelyn Glashütte Amberg

               Glashütte Alte Kirche Lohberg 

               Dorotheenhütte Wolfach 

               Glashütte Eisch Frauenau 

               Glasmanufaktur von Poschinger Frauenau 

               Kristallmanufaktur Theresienthal Theresiental

               Glasmanufaktur Harzkirstall Derenburg

               Freeform Glaskunst Weißenfeld

               Glashütte Clausthal-Zellerfeld

               Atelier Scholle Deubzer Haardorf 

               Hajo Mück Dachau

               Berlin Glas e.V. # Berlin

               Glasstudio Borowski Königswinter

               Glasbläserei Hameln

               Korbinian Stöckle * Gernheim

               Torsten Rötsch * Gernheim

               Veronika Beckh * Berlin

               Magdalena Paukner * Zwiesel 

               Franziska Wehber * Zwiesel  

               Henriette Olbertz * Halle

               Männerhaut + Frauenau 

               Rotter Glas + Lübeck

               Michael Behrens + Düsseldorf

               Heikko Schulze Hönig + Petershagen

               Karl Heinz Traut + Taunusstein

               Jenny Trinks + Auenheim

               Ursula Merker + Kehlheim

               New Glass ^ Köln 

               Farbglashütte ° Lauscha

               Reichenbach Colors ° Reichenbach

               Kugler Colors ° Kaufbeuren

               Cristalica ° Döbern

               Kurt Merker ° Kehlheim

Czech Republic: Glassschool Nový Bor

                       Glassschool Železný Brod

                       Academy of Arts, Architeckture & Design * Prag

                       Glassworks Frantisek Sazava

                       Ajetoglass # ° Lindava 

                       Jiri Pacinek Lindava 

                       Glass Studio Stepanek Nový Bor 

                       Sklarska hut Desná

                       Glassstudio Hluboká nad Vltavou

                       Glassreplica Liberec

                       Glassrevolution * Nový Bor

                       Emil Kovac * Nový Bor

                       Libensky & Brychtova + Železný Brod

                       KOLEKTIV + Nový Bor

                       International Glass Symposium Nový Bor 

Poland: Huta Irena Inowroclaw

            Daria Wartalska + Wroclaw

Austria:Stölzle Glasmuseum Bärnbach

            Glassschool Kramsach

            Glasstudio Osterberger Riedau

            Glashütte Comploj # Traun

Italy: Museo Dell' ART Vetraria Altarese * Altare

         Museo del Vitro * Murano

         Vetroicerca Glas & Modern Coop * Bolzano

         Davide Fuin Murano 

         Zanetti Murano 

         Ballarin Murano 

         Archimede Seguso Murano

         Elena Rosso * Murano

         Lorenzo Passi * Venice

         Glasstress ^ Venice

         Falorni Glass Furnaces ° Empoli

         Carlo Dona Glasstools ° Murano

France: Musée du verre # Sars Poteries

           Le Verrerie de Biot Biot

           Ecole de Nancy Nancy

           Fernando Agostinho Bruniquel 

           Baldwin & Guggisberg Paris

           Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert * Paris

Switzerland: Matteo Gonet Basel 

Netherlands: Nationaal Glasmuseum # Leerdam 

                   Bernard Heesen & Josja Caecilia Leerdam 

                   Vrij Glass Zaandam 

                   Yvon Trossel Haarlem 

                   David Belien * Leerdam 

Luxemburg: Pascale Seil Berdorf

Belgien: Glazenhuis Lommel

England: National Glass Center Sunderland

             Glass and Ceramics University Sunderland

             Michael Ruh London 

             Peter Layton London 

             Londonglassblowing London 

             Adriane Wysocki * London

             Cohesion Glass Network ^

Slovenia: Pika ° Ljubljana

Scottland: North Lands Glass # Lybster

Iceland: Gler i Bergvik Reykjavik



The Glass Art Society ^

Artsy ^

New York State: Corning Museum of Glass # Corning

                       Heller Gallery * New York City

                       RIT Glass Program Rochester

                       School of Art - Alfred Univerity Alfred

                       Brooklyn Glass # New York City

                       Urban Glass # New York City

                       Hands-on Glass Corning

                       Vitrix Hot Glass Corning

                       Josiah McElheny New York City

                       Michiko Sakano * New York City

                       Nick Leonoff * New York City

                       Dan Mirer * Corning

                       Leo Tecosky * New York City

                       Kim Harty * New York 

Rhode Island: Rhode Island School of Design Providence

                     LBK Studios Rhode Island Central Falls

Maine: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Dear Island

Massachusetts: Caleb Nichols Stoughton

                       Robert Dane Nantucket

Virginia: Crysler Museum # Norfolk

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh Glass Center Pittsburgh

                     The Crefeld School # Philadelphia

                     Josh Cole ° Philadelphia

Vermont: Green Mountain Glassworks Granville

Ohio: Toledo Museum of Art # Toledo

         Habatat Gallery * Detroit

         Gathered Gallery & Studio # Toledo

         Glass Axis # Columbus

         Adam Goldberg # Toledo

         Shawn Messenger Toledo

         Neusole Glassworks Cincinnati

         Crystal Remembrance Columbus

North Carolina: Penland School of Crafts # Penland

                      Asheville Glass Center # Asheville

                      Richard Ritter Bakersville

                      Pablo Soto Penland

                      Kenny Pieper Burnsville

                      Scott Summerfield * Bakersville

                      Robert Levin * Asheville

                      Mark Peiser * Penland

                      Dean Allison * Penland

                      Polly Lorien * Burnsville

                      Glass in the Mountain ^

                      Wet Dog Glass ° Star

Tennessee: Cody Nicely Knoxville

Alabama: Orbix Hot Glass Fort Payne

Illinois: Charlyn Reynolds * Chicago

            Steven Ciezki Glass * Illinois

            Steiner Industries ° Chicago

Wisconsin: Jon Chapman * Stevens Point

                Beth Lipman * Sheboygan Falls

Missouri: Sam Stang Augusta

Colorado: North Rim Glass Crawford

               Dale Roger Durango

               Blake Street Glass Denver

               Sam Rushing Ouray

               Cimarron Art Glass Ridgway

               Jennifer Nauck * Estes Park

               Denver Glass Machinery ° Englewood

California: California State University Fulleton

                SJSU School of Art and Design San Jose

                Joe Cariati Los Angeles

                Siemon & Salazar Santa Ana

                Harmony Glassworks Harmony

                Lundberg Studio Davenport                           

                Pinzett Glass Berkeley

                Fire River Art Glass Sacramento

                Design with Fire Sacramento

                Kliss Glass Fresno

                Chon-Stone Studio Richmond

                Seaview Art Glass Cazadero

                Glass Fire Gallery Fort Bragg

                Bryon Sutherland Gridley

                Richard Satava Chico

                Randy Strong Berkeley

                Marvin Lipofski * Berkeley

                Anna Mlasowsky * Oakland

                Katherine Gray * Los Angeles

                Heromi Takizawa * Long Beach

                Christopher Jeffries * Laguna 

                Nate Cotterman

                Nancy Callan

                Nikolas Weinstein + San Francisco  

                AGASC ^ San Diego

New Mexico: Arron Lowe Albuquerque

Oregon: Eugene Glass School Eugene

             Studio West Eugene

             Elements Glass # Portland

             Magpie Glassworks Portland

             Vitreluxe Portland

             Fields & Fields Portland

             Glassometry Hood River

             C. Moore Glass Brookings

             Vines Art Glass Bandon

             Glass Forge Grants Pass

             Jennifer Sears Art Glass Lincoln City

             Icefire Glassworks Cannon Beach

             Pyromania Glass Cannon Beach

             Magic in Glass Depoe Bay

             Ocean Coast Glassworks New Port

             Ocean Beaches Glass Seal Rock

             John Cook Gerhard

             Jeff Thompson Bend

             Andy Paiko * Portland

             Terra Glassworks * Portland 

             Kelly Howard * Lincoln City

             Jeff Ballard *   

             Canned Heat Glass # ° Portland

             Bullseye Glass ° Portland

             Uroboros Glass ° Portland 

Washington: Museum of Glass # Tacoma

                   Chihuly Glass & Garden * Seattle

                   Pilchuck Glass School Stanwood

                   Pratt Art Center  # Seattle

                   Firehouse Glass # Vancouver

                   Tacoma Glassblowing Studio Tacoma

                   Katrina Hude Greenbank

                   Island Art Glass Freeland

                   Richard Marquis Freeland

                   Willenbrink-Johnsen Glass ° Bow

                   Takuya Tokizawa Arlington

                   Jim Mongrain # Mukilteo

                   Two Tone Studios Seattle

                   Martin Blank # Seattle

                   Benjamin Moore Seattle   

                   Fifty Four Sixteen Seattle

                   Richard Royal Studio Seattle

                   Preston Singletary Seattle

                   Joey Kirkpatrick & Flora Mace Seattle

                   Dante Marioni Seattle

                   Ryan Staub # Seattle

                   Glasseye Seattle

                   Seattle Glassblowing Studio Seattle       

                   Glasshouse Seattle

                   Glassybaby Seattle

                   Dale Chihuly Seattle

                   Boathouse Seattle

                   Rik Allen & Shelley Muzylowski Seattle

                   Scott Chambers Seattle

                   Charles Parriott * Seattle

                   Ethan Stern * Seattle

                   Lydia Boss * Seattle

                   Spectrum Glass ° Woodinville 

                   Jim Moore Glasstools ° Port Townsend

                   Spiral Arts ° Seattle

Hawaii: Island Glassworks Kailua

           Taonga Glass Kailua     

           Strini Art Glass Haiku

           Makai Glass Creations Makawao   

           Hot Island Glass Makawao

           Worcester Glassworks Kula

           2400° Fahrenheit Volcano

           Big Island Glass Honoka'a

           Daniel Moe Kilauea


The Glass Art Association of Canada ^ 

Ontario: Harbourfrontcenter # Toronto

             Paulus Tjiang Warkworth

             Sally McCubbin * Toronto

             Nick Chase * Toronto

             Laura Donefer * Harrowsmith

British Columbia: Sandpiper Studio Windermere

                         Gordon Webster Windermere

                         New-Small & Sterling Vancouver

                         Bavin Glassworks Invermere

Alberta: Alberta College of Art & Design Calgary

            Firebrand Black Diamond

Quebec: Patrick Primeau Sainte-Julie

Mexico: Nouvel Studio Mexico City

            Xaquixe Qaxaca

            Jonathan Baskett * Mexico City


New Zealand: Masterworks Gallery * Auckland 

                    Form Gallery * Christchurch

                    Wanganui Glass School # Wanganui

                    Chronicle Glass # Wanganui

                    Lava Glass Taupo

                    De Flute Glass Rotorua

                    Höglund Art Glass Richmond

                    Peter Raos Devonsport

                    Keith Grinter Town Basin

                    Garry Nash Auckland

                    Monmouth Glass Studio Auckland

                    Hokitika Glass Studio Hokitika

                    Peter Viesnik * Auckland

                    Dominic Burrell * Wanganui

                    Claudia Borella + Wanganui

                    Graeme Hitchcock + Wanganui

                    Ann Robinson + Auckland

                    Crystal Chain Gang + Martinsborough

                    Karin Barr + Morrinsville

                    David Traub + Wanganui

                    NZSAG ^

                    Wanganui Festival of Glass ^ Wanganui

                    Gaffer Glass ° Auckland


Ausglass ^

New South Wales: Sydney College of the Arts Sydney

                          Sabbia Gallery * Sydney

                          Glass Artists' Gallery * Sydney

                          Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott Manly

                          Curtisglassart Queanbeyan

                          Rob Wynne Manly

                          Sallie Portnoy Manly

                          Brian Hirst Annandale

                          Keith Rowe Glass Blackheath

                          Andrew Lavery * Sydney

                          Klaus Moje + Tanja

                          Jeremy Lepisto + Queanbeyan

                          Mel George + Queanbeyan

                          Kirstie Rea + Queanbeyan

                          Emma Varga + Manly

                          Warren Langley + Queenscliff

                          Cobi Cockburn + Shoalhaven Heads

FCT: Glass School of Arts Canberra

        Beaver Galleries * Canberra

        Canberra Glassworks # Canberra

        Studio Tangerine Canberra

        Scott Chaseling * Canberra

        Brian Corr * Canberra

        Holly Grace * Adelaide

        Tom Rowney * Canberra

        Nadége Desgenétez * Canberra

        Lisa Cahill + Canberra

        Mel Douglas + Canberra

        Simon Maberley + Canberra

        Melinda Willis + Canberra

Victoria: Kirra Galleries * Melbourne

            Philip Stokes Melbourne

            Gordon Studio Glassblowers Red Hill 

            Glassblowing Studio Healesville

            Crystal Stubbs East Gippsland

            Mark Douglass Design * Melbourne

            Maureen Williams + Melbourne

            Ede Horton + Camberwell

            Tony Hanning + Gippsland

South Australia: Jam Factory # Adelaide

                       Tim Shaw Adelaide

                       Eamonn Vereker Adelaide

                       Nick Mount * Adelaide

                       Tom Moore * Adelaide

                       Andrew Baldwin * Adelaide

                       Emma Klau * Adelaide

                       Jaan Poldaas * Adelaide

                       Gerry King * Adelaide

                       Tim Edwards * Adelaide

                       Brenden Scott French * Adelaide

                       Andrea Fiebig * Adelaide

                       Kristel Britcher * Adelaide

                       Madeline Prowd * Adelaide

                       Kumiko Nakajima * Adelaide

                       Mark Thiele * Adelaide

                       Llewelyn Ash * Adelaide

                       Deb Jones * Adelaide

                       Clare Belfrage * Adelaide

                       Gabriella Bisetto * Adelaide

                       Penny Fuller + Adelaide

                       Jessica Loughlin + Adelaide

                       Zoe Woods + Adelaide

Western Australia: Kevin Gordon + Palmyra


India: Wonky Works Vadodara

          Srila Mookherjee Kolkata

          Nandini Datta * Salcete

          Glass development centre Firozabad

          Glass in Firozabad ^

Taiwan: Glass Museum Hsinchu City

            Tittot Glasmuseum Taipei

            Stargallery Taipei

            Tai Studio Glass Hsinchu City

            Joy Huang Hsinchu

Hong Kong: Baptist University Hong Kong

                  Koru * Hong Kong

                  Glass Workshop Lahma Island

                  Sunny Wang * Hong Kong

Japan: Glass Art Museum Notojima

          Toyama City College Toyama

          Toyama Glass Studio # Toyama

          Studio Fresco # Izumi-City

          Sorte Glass Fukuzumi

          Glass Rung Sasayama-City

          Qualia Glassworks Minokamo

          Nichi:nichi Mino

          Ezra Glass # Awara

          Watari Glass Studio Ayukawa

          Hiroy Glass Studio Bizen-City

          Utatsuyama Crafts Workshop Kanazawa

          Factory Zoomer Kanazawa

          Peter Ivy Toyama

          Aya Glas Studio # Kawasaki

          Sarue Glas # Tokyo

          Prepa Studio Nakagawa

          Glass Cafe gla_gla Toyako

          Akiko Iwase * Toyama

          Maruko Tools ° Narusawa

China: Liuli Glass Museum * Shanghai

          Glassmuseum Shanghai

          ZM Glass Art * Shangdong

Turkey: Cam Ocagi # Istanbul

Russia: Museum of Glass & Crystal * Nikolsk

           Alexander Fokin, Taisiya Fokina * Nikolsk

           International Glass Symposium ^ Nikolsk

Vietnam: Viet Tiep Crystal Taih Binh


South Africa: Cape Glass Studio Kapstadt

Kenya: Kitengela Hot Glass Karen