Toronto, CAN

Toronto, CAN

Tuesday, 16. April 2013

Canada, with a temperature not unlike Germany.

We had both felt so at home in Corning that it was hard to say goodbye. Our newly found friends there were so lovely and we had three fun weeks.

On Monday we said our goodbye’s and made our way north on Tuesday. Everyone had advised against it, however it all worked out surprisingly well. On the way, we stopped by our friend Zach and joined him on a short sailing tour. The weather was so amazing that we simply couldn’t say no. Niagara Falls was our next stop on our way to Canada. It was the worst possible weather in which to visit the waterfalls, as it was raining from above and below the water was thundering over the edge. It actually doesn’t fall that far down, however it’s impressive to see the sheer width and amount of water flowing over the falls.

We walked with our rucksacks over the bridge into Canada. We knew of a good glass studio in Toronto. So we’ve been here since Thursday and explored the city quite a bit. Everything is different again here in Canada as people have a more European outlook and are very friendly. We also like the city very much. According to our hosts, there is no need to travel as Toronto encompasses Greece, Portugal and Italy; even Chinatown isn’t very far away. All-inclusive so to speak, only the climate is very Canadian.