Sydney, NSW

Sydney, NSW

Saturday, 12. October 2013

A small treat

From Ben Edols and Kathy Elliot, we moved to Jane Gaven’s. Jane teaches in the glass department at the Sydney College of Art and was one of the first people we got in touch with in Australia, and who then helped us a lot with contacts in New Zealand. Jane had a surprise in store for us, that we would be able to help the students to make glass, or so we thought. Instead, Jane invited us to stay for a few days on campus, in the ‘Artist in Residence’ apartment. The apartment was really lovely, with three rooms just for us, a big park directly outside the front door, a great bus connection, centrally located and very close to the sea – and we had a perfectly enjoyable weekend. On Tuesday the University started again and we had a place as the new Artists in Residence. This generous invitation enables us for the first time during our trip to make as much glass as often as we like. We are free to try out our own ideas until the end of October.

Louise started a very interesting project trying new shapes. Franca is thinking of sanding cake stands.

Today new glass was melted in the furnace and so the University was closed. So we took up an invitation from Inge’s cousin, Christel and her husband to go on a short tour of the Blue Mountains. With coffee, fruit and sandwiches we headed for the mountains. Christel’s husband, Werner is a tourist guide, so as soon as we climbed into the car he told us a lot about the aborigines, Australia’s wildlife, the landscape and much more. Christel wished us a good journey – which we had.