Queanbeyan, NSW

Queanbeyan, NSW

Sunday, 24. November 2013

Work and encounters

Last Saturday we were given the chance to make our own things in the furnace for half a day. We both completely messed up the first two pieces, however the next two turned out to be ok. Louise worked with three different colours and glass segments, which she separated from each other in clear lines of colour and shape. Franca made a coloured cap which she picked up and blew in a simple form, to finish off later with the sander.

The next day, Harriet went to her part-time job in a museum in Canberra. Matthew, on the other hand, had great plans for us: the task being to make three of his giant leaves. It takes 30 minutes to make one, which is good going considering how big and heavy the pieces are.

Firstly he made a small post on an iron from some of the furnace glass, which he used to pick up some fused sheets from the annealer. He manipulated these sheets at both ends with some wooden boards. With another iron he made another small post, stuck it to the end of the leaf shape to pull the tip longer and give it a nice elongated curved shape. (me)

Matthew wanted to make sure that we were a part of as many of the processes in the studio as possible and encouraged us to try everything out. This was a really great experience for us.

On Thursday afternoon, the three of us went on a big tour of Canberra. Matthew introduced us to his ‘Metal working friend’ with whom he has made many pieces. Then we went to see the students at Australia’s National University who were very busy preparing for the annual glass sale, to raise money for the furnace. After this short visit, we briefly went back to Canberra’s Glassworks to say hello to Brian Corr. These were all quick calls, as Matthew doesn’t like to hang around, but they provided a welcome change after the weeks work.