Gouangdong, CHN

Gouangdong, CHN

Monday, 26. May 2014

From Japan to China

We made the most of our final days in Japan in the wilderness of Hokkaido. We spent two nights at a completely empty and free campsite with lovely staff, set in the woods by a reservoir. We were spoilt for choice with good places to put the tent, and when it was finally set up we cycled to the next village to organise some food. In order in to warm up before bed, we made use of the free ‘Onsen’, and so we could really enjoy the cold nights and warm days. On Wednesday we flew to Hong Kong, where we got the 7.50am ferry to China this morning. We were met and kindly welcomed by the driver of Targetlighting, who took us to the factory.

We were really surprised by the perfect schedule they had planned for us and impressed by the factory itself. They make all types of lights, according to the customers’ wishes. Many of which are American, therefore it was not so surprising that we were met and given a tour by two Chinese ladies with perfect English. There are 800 staff, who work eight hour days. We were surprised to come across such pleasant working hours in China. Everything was tip top: the sanding area, the furnaces and the entire workshop. The rooms are very spacious and equipped with lots of fans, as the temperature can get amazingly hot.

Making glass here too, is a man‘s job, so when Louise reached for a pipe, everyone was wide-eyed. The women here only assist although you might find a few of them involved with engraving.

From here we moved on to Politec Normal University, Guangdong, where we will be staying for the next three days.