Agra, IND

Agra, IND

Tuesday, 21. January 2014

F+L Forever!

The Taj Mahal is on the program. We spent one week in Agra with the most romantic building in the world at its centre, or so people say. Shah Jahan had this built as a mausoleum and sign of his undying love for his deceased wife. Of course, as dearly beloved travel companions, we had to go and see it! So we joined the masses of tourists to this enchanted place. It’s a palace made of white marble, richly decorated inside and out with beautiful geometric patterns. At the centre is the grave of his wife surrounded by a tall gilded wrought iron fence. To the right and left of the Taj Mahal are two similarly high buildings of red sandstone.

The next day the three of us were planning on going north to the Dalai Lama’s centre near the Himalayas. Unfortunately, we totally messed up this plan. We had mixed up two digits of the 5-digit train number although the locals, when asked, confirmed we were in the right place rather than admitting that they can’t help. That’s why we found ourselves in the sleeping car with nine other Indians who all had the same seat numbers on their tickets. Clearly we had boarded the wrong train and were on our way to Bangladesh in the east rather than north. So, quickly out – and onto a bus back to Agra. It was 3 o’clock in the morning and we didn’t know what else to do.

We spent our last 4 days here, having a good lie-in and relaxing as Louise and David were both suffering from fever and back pain. On Saturday we made our way towards Delhi. This time we were successful and got to the airport where we said goodbye to David, our super-lovely travel companion in India, and flew off to Taiwan.